Hi there, I’m Ansar ullah a web and mobile app developer with a newfound lifestyle of blogging.

I started blogging not only to take this business out of the shelf but to also diversify my revenue streams.

The interest though wasn’t fully blown, that is until I came across a course promising an easier blogging life.

And out of curiosity, I took the plunge and started working on my money machine.

It didn’t take long though to realized things were way different on the ground than promised on the sales page. You really need to hustle first before you can see anything.

Everything in a course is made simple to get you to take action. And I believe it’s because people quit what they don’t know, or know but think it’s super hard for them.

People love it easy.

But unlike with programming where even if you don’t know much about it, you can still earn, and passively, blogging is very different. You really need to know your stuff.

And so I decided to focus primarily on Blogging. To not only help new bloggers start, grow, and avoid time costing mistakes but to also up my blogging game. 🙂

If you just started blogging and it isn’t anything it was made out to be, just like I don’t quit, learn and adapt to conquer.

Do you want any help with blogging? Maybe starting a blog, setting it up, etc.? or even for a business proposal?

If so, simply send me an email at from the contact page and let’s do this. 🙂

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