How To 301 Redirect URLs Automatically In WordPress

How To 301 Redirect URLs In WordPress Automatically

No one likes 404 errors. Even the search engines. And this should be a cause for worry. Meaning, care with your URLs should be of utmost importance to you. When you change any URL on your blog, you’d better stay ahead of things and 301 redirect that URL. For both, better user experience and search …

How To Easily Add Google AdSense Ads In Your WordPress Blog And Posts

How To Add Google AdSense Ads In WordPress And Monetize Your Blog

To start off first, Happy New Year and Congratulations on having Google AdSense approved on your awesome WordPress blog. Now getting AdSense ads approved to show on your blog is one thing. But getting them to show up effectively wherever you need them to, is entirely another. Trust me, it can be quite a challenge, …

How To Export And Import WordPress Blog Posts With Images (Featured Too)

How To Export And Import WordPress Blog Posts With Images

It’s not until I split my blog into two, that I realized the challenge in exporting WordPress blog posts. I needed to export certain blog posts with images, that make up this blog while leaving the rest. But how was I to do it? Publishing each one again from scratch was a complete waste of …

Content Samurai Review: Create Stunning Videos Fast

Content Samurai Review

Content Samurai excels in simplicity and function. Allowing anyone regardless of their video editing skills create stunning marketing videos fast without worrying about any hard technical things. It isn’t the most feature-rich video software out there but if you like easy to use software, it’s the one for you.