Are you looking to start a blog but want help to choose a good blog name?

Though it seems easy, choosing a good blog name can be quite the challenge like I’m sure you already know by now.

But that’s why for this article. To help you choose a good blog name you won’t regret later on. That’s not only good for your blog’s branding and marketing needs but also for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.

And to do this, we’ll use a few free online blog name generators to help us speed up the process.

But how?

You see, with so many blogs online, most catchy names you’d have used have already been taken.

Making it a bit tough to brainstorm clever ones without spending hours on it.

But with the help of these awesome blog name generators, you can get great blog name ideas generated fast, that you’d have otherwise never thought of.

Making them the perfect brainstorming tools, for unique blog name ideas.

But which of them are the best blog name generators to use?

In this article, I’ve compiled some of the best ones to help you generate great-sounding blog names that are niche relevant and brandable.

So are you ready?

Let’s get started!

But first,…


How To Choose A Good Blog Name You Won’t Regret.

Now before you can run off to experiment with these blog name generators, it’d be prudent to first know what you’d be looking for.

After all, this is an important decision you’ll be making, one with long-term effects.

But to know what you’ll be looking for, you first need to know how it looks like.

So, how does a good blog name look like?

At the very basic level, it’s short, unique, memorable, brandable, keyword-rich, flexible, and available.

My blog name is Aytalum. And that’s my surname Mulatya | Aytalum in reverse (I like to go against the current). It fits all the above other than being keyword rich. 🙂

Going this route (naming your blog after your name) means you can’t sell the blog. It becomes personal.

I also have Tools Blogger (a blog yet to be built, because of time *excuse), it’s keyword rich and says exactly what it’ll be about.

Going this route has got far-reaching benefits including selling the domain at a later point in time.

Note: Try to keep your domain name two worded for maximum impact.

Another thing to check out is a domain’s flexibility. Don’t restrict your domain too much, if not by choice, just in case your niche interest changes later on.

Case in point: I have a domain name, Games Are Free .com. As you can see, it’s too restrictive for much other than playing games.

Last, but not certainly the least, Generic names (Like the example above). Though catchy could prove difficult for branding and distinguishability from similar ones.

There are so many criteria for choosing a good blog name, but don’t let them overcomplicate this step. If you can meet the basic level minimums listed earlier, you’ll be golden.

Remember, it’s not the blog name that readers will come for, though important, but the content. If you have great content, they’ll remember the blog name. 🙂

Now that you know what you’ll be looking for, sort of. Let’s look at the blog name generators that will help you come up with these great-sounding blog names.


6 Best Blog Name Generators For Brandable Names.

Below are the 6 best blog name generators for brandable names that are Available.

It goes without saying it but once you find the good blog name you want, that’s available, you register it pronto. Domains go fast.

Note: You can register your chosen blog name for cheap on Namecheap for $8.88/yr with FREE forever WhoisGuard (protects your identity online).

And if you want to register your own domain name for free and start blogging, check out the last section below.


1. Impossibility.

Impossibility is definitely a favorite of mine. And the first go to domain name generator on this list.

Blog Name Generator Impossibility Homepage

But why?

While it doesn’t look like much, it sure packs a punch. And personally, I like it much because all the clever brand domain names generated are all available.

Meaning you don’t have to look up each one independently for availability, unlike with some similar tools.

And how is it used?


You only need to feed in a single keyword, decide whether you want it at the beginning or end, and search.

Impossibility Search Results

In addition, you can also determine if you specifically want nouns, verbs, or adjectives as the combining words and let impossibility do its magic.

But by far the feature that makes this tool awesome, is its ability to generate short (4 – 6 letter) catchy brandable domain names that are super memorable, rare, and available. 🙂

You’ll spend quite a while playing with this tool and that’s a guarantee. But watch out for confusion over what to pick when most brand names generated look like the ones. 🙂




2. NameQL.

Showing simplicity at its best is NameQL. With everything done seamlessly within a one-page simple interface.

Blog Name Generator NameQL Homepage

But unlike with Impossibility, NameQL auto-suggests in real-time available brandable domain names with every keyword character fed or added in its search bar.

This tool is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time clicking around and tweaking different search criteria settings to find their great blog name.

This is because NameQL automatically adds suitable prefixes and suffixes to your chosen keyword freeing you of this burden.

And using NameQL is quite easy. Simply start typing into the search bar your preferred keyword and flip through pages of auto-suggested blog name ideas until you find a winner.

All the domains are available, with those not crossed for ease.

NameQL Search Results




3. Panabee.

Next up we have Panabee.

Blog Name Generator Panabee Homepage

This tool’s awesome, and I’m not just talking about its aesthetically pleasing website design or their funny sense of humor.


But their ability to be more than just a simple blog name generator.

With Panabee, you can not only generate available brandable blog names but also app names and company names.

And not just that, but you can also generate international domains with such extensions like and to name a few.

But did I mention you can also check for a domain’s availability across all popular social sites? ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

How about getting your keyword’s related terms and different language translations of it to inspire cool blog name ideas?


Well, you do.

But don’t think for a second, given all the features, using this blog name suggestions tool will be cumbersome. Nope!

Similar to the above blog name generators, you input your chosen keyword term in the search area and Panabee does the rest.

You also get real-time domain name availability check, with blue hearts indicating available and broken hearts domains that are taken.

Panabee Search Results




4. FlameDomain.

Another great brand name generator is FlameDomain. And similarly to Impossibility, it can generate some impossible blog name ideas.

FlameDomain Homepage

One of my favorite feature with FlameDomain is their 5 letter word brand names. Super clever in their generation and availability, and hard to do it otherwise.

FlameDomain offers several tweakable domain type settings namely Random, Niche, and Input. To make it easy to find a suitable blog name.

FlameDomain Search Settings

With the Random domain type setting, you get to choose the letter amount you want in a generated name from 5 to 9.

Niche offers several niche type categories for niche relevant domain names.

And lastly Input, you get to specify a keyword you want present in the generated names positioned either before, after, or randomly with the combined word.

Using FlameDomain is straightforward though. From the site’s homepage, click on the settings icon on the GENERATE DOMAINS button and tweak the different settings as preferred.

Once done, click on the GENERATE DOMAINS button to generate creative name ideas according to your above settings.

FlameDomain Search Results

Note: FlameDomain also offers premium memberships though you don’t need them for our current use. This is because you can generate tons of free domain name ideas for free without even registering. But the choice is yours.




5. Domain Wheel.

Find a great name for your next blog with Domain Wheel.

DomainWheel Homepage

This is an awesome blog name finder tool that does things differently with the help of an AI to generate available instant name ideas.

To use it, simply enter your preferred name/s you want combined creatively with other related words in its search field.

Next, choose the best domain extension/s you’d prefer the domain with and click on the “Search Domain” button to let the AI do its magic.

DomainWheel Search Results

And if you don’t find the blog name suggestions generated favorable. All you have to do is hit the “Search Domain” button, again and again, to keep generating fresh new ones.

Keep an eye out though for the short brandable names it also generates and lists just below the keyword-rich ones in a separate section.

DomainWheel Random Search

These are super great for branding and you could snag a gem you’d have otherwise missed forever.




6. NameMesh.

If there’s any blog name suggestion tool that does it better category wise is NameMesh.

NameMesh Homepage Best Blog Name Generator

With 9 name idea categories namely COMMON, NEW, SHORT, EXTRA, SIMILAR, SEO, FUN, PREMIUM, and MIX.

My favorite category’s got to be the SEO one by far. With real-time availability check of keyword-rich prefix and suffix combinations with your root keyword.

Using NameMesh is super simple, enter your root keyword in the search field and hit the blue “Generate” button. That’s it!

Creative blog naming suggestions will start getting generated categorically in real-time with available ones showing, only, in green.

NameMesh Search Results

And to get even more naming suggestions, simply keep scrolling down the page. Do this until you find a blog name you like the most.

Clicking the name will open up Bluehost website for registration.

However, you can also use other registrars like HostGator and Namecheap to register.


Want to learn how you can register your own domain name for free and start blogging today? 🙂

Read the next section.


Want To Register Your Own Domain Name For Free?

If there’s anything you should be fast in doing is registering your own domain name as soon as you find it.

Otherwise, it can be snatched away and make all the above effort for naught.

But how can you register your own domain name for free?


You buy shared hosting from reputable hosting companies like HostGator and Bluehost. This is because their hosting plans come with a free domain option and start from as low as under $3 a month.

But is it wise?

Only if you also intent on blogging and don’t have an active premium web hosting service anywhere else. Otherwise, register the domain alone on Namecheap and add it as an addon domain on your active hosting.

Note: Either way you’ll be the owner of the domain.

And if you need help starting your blog, check out my step-by-step guides on how to start a WordPress blog on HostGator here and Namecheap here.

That’s it, my friend!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that these blog name generators have helped you come up with a dope blog name. ?

If so, kindly share this post with anyone looking for an amazing blog name idea and get 10 years worth of good luck. ?

That’s it from me today on the 6 best blog name generators to help you choose a good blog name now.

I appreciate you for reading through.

And as always!

Stay Blessed! ?

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