Hi guys, here’s my first blogging income report in which I’ll share my first affiliate sale’s experience and what I learned from it.

To be honest, I’ve waited for so long to write up my first income report for this blog.

And I believe for so many just starting to blog for profit online, this to be the case.

Now, It’s not like I’m doing this to brag or anything but the doubts blogging has for many, from reading all the failed blogs statistics can be demoralizing.

My aim then is just to let all those on the fence, those just starting, and those still keeping at it, know it’s still possible to be profitable blogging.

Now I know this is just the first affiliate commission. But like they say if you can send one affiliate commission you can send many more.

But it’s in sending the first affiliate commission that seems so daunting and to be honest takes ages without a sign.

And while this still doesn’t make me a pro, it’s something to show I got something right.

Bear in mind, I was sending referrals, though trials, way before the conversion happened.

So I don’t think it was a fluke, but the first commission of many to come as the trials end and upgrades start.

Anyway, let’s not cramp everything in the intro. By breaking this up into sections for easier digestion.

If you’re happy and excited to hear more on what I learned by making my first affiliate commission blogging, then keep on reading.

Let’s get started!

My First Affiliate Sale Blogging As A Beginner And My Plan.

My First Income Blogging? No!


This isn’t my first income blogging, but my first affiliate income blogging.

How so?

The first time I made money through my blogging efforts was from a sponsored review I did.

What happened is that I liked a product and when I signed up to its affiliate program, they offered a bonus pay for a review.

I did the review and sure enough they PayPaled me the money.

Wasn’t much, just $15, but that was enough to show me blogging to make money online was still viable.

Next up I decided I wanted to see some results faster and as such, did what anyone in that position would do. Slap some Ads.

And sure enough, I made some AdSense money.

Obviously, the money wasn’t much since it was an on and off thing.

But anytime I want to see the blog make some money, I just switch the AdSense ads on.

You can see what you need in place to get your blog AdSense ready here.

So, the only thing I was still waiting for before I wrote this first income report was an affiliate commission.

You know, the first one.

And then towards the end of last month, 27th March to be exact, it happened.

my first affiliate sale blogging proof

Product: InVideo.

Sale amount: $72.

Commission amount: $36.

Even so, it took like a few days for me to realize this wasn’t the usual referral sign up heads up but an actual conversion. LOL!

InVideo is an awesome web-based video editing tool for creating powerful and engaging marketing videos fast that I recommend to anyone in need of videos.

And the most amazing thing is that it can turn your blog posts or articles into videos extremely fast and easily with a few mouse clicks.

If interested, sign up for a free trial with them using my link. And when you upgrade shoot me an email (provided below) and I’ll send you a link to a premium YouTube course for free as a bonus.

This YouTube course will not only show you how to dominate YouTube but also how to make tones of money with it.  Using a variety of different methods and ranking tactics

Truly, a must-learn course.

Anyway, this affiliate conversion kinda changed something inside of me.

The unsurety that seems to plague blogging beginners somehow evaporated.

And for the first time, I knew what I had to do.

I kid you not; they don’t say you never forget your first affiliate commission for nothing.

For me, this was my first experience. And if you’re not shy, I would also like to hear what it was like for you below in the comments.

Make Your Trash Your Treasure.

In one of my previous articles, talking about how to export blog posts with their featured images, I lightly discussed how this blog came to be.

In a nutshell, I felt it was hard to target multiple niches in the same blog without creating too much work for myself and as a result split that blog into two.

Blogging Again and Aytalum.

Aytalum was where I would discuss all make money online methods, tricks, and tips.

Blogging Again everything else related to blogging, from WordPress and traffic to monetization and growth.

Even so, it didn’t take long to realize I had inadvertently created more work for myself.

But since it was much easier now to target than before, I let things sit.

This however meant I was torn for where I was to put work on. 

And so seeing as how I was a beginner and didn’t want to spread myself thin. I tried to sell the blog.

My thinking was I would then focus entirely on Aytalum and actually make it work.

Since it was the one, in comparison, making more with Ads.

To cut a long story short, I got someone interested in buying the blog for $300 if it was at least making some money.

blogging again sale offer

But because I had long shut down AdSense ads on it, I didn’t have a working number to send them.

So in turn, that deal fell through.

Then interestingly, just two days later, the affiliate sale happened. 

Lesson learned, just because your blog isn’t giving you the results you want to see. 

Give it some time, tweak things up if you have to, be patient and it might surprise you.

Don’t look at your blog as trash just because it isn’t driving the insane traffic you want.

Focus on the conversion, and make that little traffic count, as you build up more traffic to it.

Something I will now start implementing for this blog, rather than procrastinating on it. 

Sure, this blog would have been now in someone’s hands and, if serious, made it their treasure.

But in an interesting twist, it became mine treasure.

What I Wronged And My Plan Forward.

First, I ought to be slapped upside the head for the joke of a job I have done with driving traffic to this blog.

Can you imagine this is the 27th blog post, 3 being video posts, and 23 regular ones?

And still relying on SEO traffic, without even building backlinks other than the organic ones?

If you’re thinking, why not do Pinterest?

Well, the play has also extended there, resulting in less than 10 visits a month.


What about building an email list, you might ask?

Well, that’s a Zero on that front.

Talk about play. 

See, I’m not just blasting myself for no reason. 

I just want to show you that people don’t see results blogging just because it can’t be done.

But because of not doing things the right way.

Ignoring sound advice and crying foul if nothing works.

I certainly was, and that’s why I was so ready to sell this blog off.

Not because it couldn’t be profitable or wouldn’t work.

But because I hadn’t put in enough work to get the results I had hoped for.

What’s My Plan For Blogging Again Going Forward.

First, I have to take care of my conversion game.

This will involve writing end-goal based blog posts rather than just sharing random thoughts.

I will also up my email marketing game, by actually building and nurturing an email list.

I will go crazy with the actual traffic generation and diversification for this blog, from SEO, Pinterest, and YouTube.

My keyword research game will also need to be upped.

Wrong keyword research can waste you valuable time and results as I have realized the hard way.

Blog posts for this year have to go up to at least 110.

On the monetization front, I want to improve and build upon my affiliate marketing game.

Make affiliate conversions a breeze, if not guaranteeable.

Lastly, create a simple course for beginners to shortcut their way to blogging success without information overload.

If I can make it that beginners can achieve results faster than I did, it will be a win. 🙂

This is because it took me a year and 2 months before making my first affiliate commission using organic traffic while joking all over the place. 🙁

Not the best stats really, but honesty is key to ward off misguided hopes.

The bottom line is that if you play, it might take you longer than expected to see favorable results.

I am so happy I reached this milestone though and thank so much the referral who made this possible.

May God bless you and your family abundantly.

Here’s the traffic overview for that month, March.

My First Affiliate Blogging As A Beginner - Income Report - Blogging Again Traffic Analytics

Not much at all, but surprisingly made a difference.

Wrapping Up: Free Blog Setup.

If you’re reading this post of my first affiliate sale and thinking to yourself, you can do it too.

The truth is, Yes! You can.

And you will.

But like with everything, you need to start somewhere.

And that somewhere with blogging is by starting your own WordPress blog.

Even so, this can be a daunting task for beginners and as such I’m prepared to set up your new WordPress blog for you, absolutely free.

Everything from clean up and all settings necessary to help you hit the ground running.

The only requirement would be to buy hosting using my affiliate link and sending me your hosting details at codesafi @ gmail. com.

Kindly use the email above as I will see your email faster.

Alternatively, you can follow this comprehensive start a blog guide and do it yourself.

In either case, you’ll have your own WordPress blog ready to blog on and make this year profitable for you and for your family.

Note: If you buy hosting using my affiliate link. Regardless of whether I’m doing the setup for you or doing it yourself. Kindly email me on the email address above for a bonus.

This bonus is a blueprint of exactly what you need to do, to ensure every blog you set up will be a success.

It will take the guesswork out of everything. 

And I base this on my experience of running two blogs that have/make money.

You’ll also understand what I did to make this affiliate sale happen. And why it worked/works so well.

So if sending affiliate referrals with small traffic is a problem for you, this tactic will work wonders.

Affiliate Referrals

This bonus will be my thanks to you. ?

That is it for my first affiliate sale and the first blogging income report.

If you enjoyed the post, kindly leave your thoughts below.

And until next time, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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