Blogging is a proven business model for making money online.

But to make money blogging, how much, will be depended on your monetization model and the quality of traffic.

In this post, we shall look at the monetization part of blogging and traffic on future posts.

Speaking of monetization, there are several ways you could monetize your blog: Affiliate marketing, selling own courses and services, sponsored posts, … etc. to name but a few.

But one such a way is through advertising. And this is done by signing up to ad networks like AdSense, Mediavine, Ezoic, or AdThrive and enabling their ads to show on your blog.

While it might look simple enough. Each ad network has got its own requirements before you’re able to apply and get accepted to their network.

And in this post, we shall look at Google’s own, AdSense. And what you must have in place before you can apply, to ensure you get AdSense approved ASAP for your blog as I did.


So, are you ready?

Let’s dive in!


What Is AdSense?

Google AdSense Logo

AdSense is Google’s own advertisement program for publishers to display contextual ads matching their site’s content for profit.

And this is done by inserting a specific piece of code into your website pages either manually or automatically by use of ad plugins.

While ads as a monetization model isn’t suitable for small publishers or those seeking higher income levels. It’s nonetheless a solid way of making money online, with Google Adsense still being the favorite PPC program for many.

But like with everything worth having, it will take effort before you’re approved. And the following Dos are to help you get approved on your first try, skipping the rejection heartache.


The 6 Solid Tips To Get AdSense Approved ASAP For Your Blog.

1. Branding.

It goes without saying but nothing screams unprofessional and not serious than applying for an unbranded website.

To get around this, you must get yourself a professional domain name and logo to match.

For the domain name, I recommend you buy from Namecheap. Aside from their domains being cheap, they come with free WhoisGuard too. And if coming up with a suitable brandable name is a problem, try this generator.

And for the perfect logo, get one done on Fiverr for $5 (You’ll need $7 to order though). Or create one yourself to start with using an online logo maker like LogoMakr or TailorBrands.


2. Hosting.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right and the same can be said for your website.

I know the pain of working hard at something to fruition for it to only get scraped off simply because someone else controlled its hosting.

To better elaborate on this, an artist Dennis Cooper, got his entire Blogger blog deleted along with 14 years of his work!!!

This is to say as tempting as free hosting is, you’ll only withdraw disappointments in the end. Your solid option will be to invest in your own hosting.

Connect your domain and install WordPress. And only then can you rest assured of your work’s future safety, look professional, and increase your approval chances from both ad networks and affiliate programs.

For hosting needs, SiteGround, Bluehost, and Namecheap should do it.

For this website, I use Namecheap’s Stellar Plus – shared hosting – package with unlimited websites, unmetered SSD and bandwidth. You can get it with 50% off at $26.44 the first year here.


3. Site Design.

First impressions matter, and for your website, it’s no different.

You want your website to look neat, clean, be navigable and responsive for the best user experience prior to applying to Google AdSense.

Not only does this attract repeat visitors, something Google loves but also boosts your AdSense approval chances.

A simple way you can get this done is by using professional themes from sites like ThemeForest and MyThemeShop.

Just to note here it’ll also help to remove, if any, third-party ad services already running on your website, before applying.

This helps prevent the dismal look associated with ads by maintaining a clean look. At least until they approve your account.

Granted even with these themes documentations some things you’ll need looking different. This is where DIY YouTube tutorials come into help. Or if you don’t have the time, outsource the task for cheap on Fiverr.

Either way, get your site looking clean with a professional color scheme and a responsive theme. Be Ad ready!


4. Special Pages.

These are your blog/website’s necessary pages, that affirms your identity and legitimacy of your website.

These pages are: About and Contact Us, Privacy, Disclaimer, and Cookie Policies, Terms Of Service, Earnings and Affiliate Disclaimers.

While most of these pages can be auto-generated with the help of WordPress plugins and online generators, you must write the about page.

Things you’ll need to highlight here to get Adsense approved for your blog are such as your name with an accompanying photo, your credentials, why you started the website and who it serves to help. And any other relevant details you might wish to add.

Something to note here is to make sure this page is free from spelling and grammar errors. And to help you with this, use ProWritingAid, Grammarly, or Hemingway Editor.

It also helps to add somewhere the exact email address you’re using in your application more so if you’re using a Gmail. This goes to prove further you own the said website. The best option, though, is to apply with your website’s branded email.


5. Content.

You need to have sufficient content before you can apply and get approved into the Google AdSense program.

And while how many posts you need to have up before you can apply ranges from 10 to 30. I prefer to think 18+ is perfect as I did it with 19.

But the bottom line is that your content will need to be original, not copied/plagiarised, free from grammar issues, and informative preferably 1000+ words.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can solve it too like with most issues online, by outsourcing to professional writers on freelance sites.

Personally, I wrote all articles myself, slowly in 3 months, 3, 6, 10.

It’s not as hard as it seems and you’ll learn and improve on as you go more so with the help of a grammar editor like ProWritingAid.

It’ll benefit you to also learn more about and make use of proper SEO techniques, both on and off the page, to enjoy organic search traffic.

And you can learn SEO for free from an expert like Miles Beckler, in just one post from here.

Why should you care? Simple, traffic. And traffic means money. But even more to your immediate concern, you’ll look like you know what you’re doing and not like amateur testing things out to the reviewer.


6. Extras.

While we are still on the subject of professionalism. There are a few extras you must keep in mind to have in place prior to your application.

But while they aren’t a must, they aren’t optional either if you’re serious about your website’s success.

This involves, creating and submitting your site’s sitemap to search engines, adding Google’s analytics code on your site, setting up and getting active on your social media accounts.

This, though, seemingly minute, shows you’re taking your website seriously and understand their significance in helping your web presence.

Note: No lack of any amount of traffic denied my approval. And I don’t think you should worry much about it either, but it will be a plus to have.


Over To You.

While I make no guarantees, it is only in doing can one know unequivocally what has worked to get AdSense approved for their blog.

But these 6 points are what you must observe prior to applying to Google AdSense like I did to get mine.

Even so, in the event your application gets rejected, fret not for options aren’t lacking. You could still try, Adbuff, Chitika, Infolinks,.. etc.

If you do apply and get accepted, don’t forget to leave a reply below about your experience.

That’s it from me today on the 6 solid tips to get AdSense approved ASAP for your blog.

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