No one likes 404 errors.

Even the search engines.

And this should be a cause for worry.

Meaning, care with your URLs should be of utmost importance to you.

When you change any URL on your blog, you’d better stay ahead of things and 301 redirect that URL.

For both, better user experience and search engines’ approval.

But like you already know, it’s easy to change a blog post’s/page’s URL, while chasing that keyword optimization badge, and totally forget its previous structure.

Making it difficult to create a 301 redirect for it later.


But did you know you don’t even need to care anymore about this?

The creation of these 301 redirects, not the 404 errors. 🙂

Well, it’s true.

You don’t have to.

Because all the 301 redirects you need can be created for you automatically as you change these URLs.

Helping you to focus more on that keyword optimization business, without worrying about breaking other SEO stuff. 🙂

And the way you do this is explained nicely in the video below.

So let’s see how.

How To 301 Redirect URLs In WordPress.

In Conclusion

Never forget to 301 redirect any links you change within your blog, and more so when it can be done for you automatically.

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And as always, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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