Have you ever wanted to create an amazing video for either marketing or social media but didn’t know how to or thought it to be way too technical for you?

Well, if so, think again because today is your lucky day.

How so?

Two words, InVideo.

Now you might wonder what InVideo is? Who it is for? Its pricing? Whether there are any alternatives and how it fairs against them? And so on.

But don’t worry, all these and more will get answered right here in this InVideo review post.

So are you ready?

Let’s get started!


InVideo Review: Overview.

Product Name: InVideo.

Product Type: Video Creator.

Pricing: Two Plans; Free and Business. $0/m and $10/m when paid yearly, respectively.

Quick Summary: InVideo is one of the best and most versatile web-based video creation tools online.

And with its wide range of in-demand features coupled with flexible pricing. Makes it the perfect choice for individuals and teams of all sizes.

It’s no secret video content is taking over and quickly becoming the preferred choice of content consumption for many online consumers.

So making sure you’re incorporating video marketing in your business is a smart thing to do. And InVideo helps you do just that economically and in a fun way that’s less technical.

Put simply, InVideo has made video creation a thing for everyone and every business. Do you want to convert text to video? Produce promo videos? Social or product videos? You can do it now, thanks to InVideo and with only a few mouse clicks.

If you want to skip this in-depth InVideo review and jump straight to experimenting with this tool, it’s cool. And you can do so by clicking the link below.


Moving on, let’s now see what InVideo is, who it is for, some of its features and alternatives, to get a general sense for the tool.



What Is InVideo and Who Is It Meant For?

InVideo is a web-based marketing video creation tool that helps anyone irrespective of their video editing skills create stunning and profitable marketing videos fast.

But who is it meant for?

It’s like I said, it’s for anyone with the need to create professional-looking marketing videos fast for their product, business, clients, or just for fun.

So if you’re a blogger, online marketer, freelancer, YouTuber, student, tutor, marketing specialist, business owner, influencer, etc. This tool is for you.

But who exactly?

Okay, if you need to create a video but don’t want to stress over all the technicalities involved. And want something simple to help you with this. Drag-and-drop if you will, then InVideo is definitely your answer.

And not only is its editor drag-and-drop based to make your work easier. You also get other fancy features like intelligent frame recommendations to streamline your workflow and built-in asset libraries for even more convenience.

This is not all though. In the following section, we will look briefly into some of these InVideo features that makes it such a lifesaver in video creation.


InVideo Features Review.

What makes InVideo such a powerful video creator lies in its unrivaled features.

It’s these features that make it possible for anyone to create storytelling, promo, Instagram stories, video ads, and listicle videos among others with extreme ease.

But what are some of these features?

Let’s take a quick look-see.


1. Video Creation Flexibility.

It’s not just the pricing alone that’s flexible with InVideo, it’s how you create your videos too.

You see, you’ve got three options on how you’d like to create your videos. Either from an existing script such as an article, a ready-made template (from them) best for promos and video ads, or completely from scratch like a boss. ?

InVideo Review Start Creating Video Options

This helps everyone with any or no video skill background start creating videos from a point they are most comfortable with. Rather than forcing everyone to start with a blank template that overwhelms many.

Another video creation flexibility feature I like is the ability to choose different video formats even after you’ve begun creating your video.

This allows room for one to change their mind, at any time, as to which platform they intend their video for or make corrections if the video format isn’t it.


2. In-Built Video Asset Libraries.

Traditionally, you needed to find stock media assets to use in your videos from all over the internet if you didn’t have your own.

And like you can probably guess this was and still is time-consuming should you do it this way.

Another problem is you don’t even know if the stock assets you’re using are in fact copyright free and good to use commercially or not.

Obviously, there are workarounds to all the above issues, but why hassle.

InVideo has a stock library of over a million video assets (images and videos) built straight into the platform for your own convenience. This makes things a whole lot easier with the only thing “difficult” point-and-clicking the assets you want to add. 🙂

Did You Know: Stock video clips can increase a video’s appeal by at least 3x over static images?


3. Premade Video Material.

To make your video creation work easier and also get the video looking right. You get lots of pre-built video components and DFY video templates, themes and other things to help you out.

This cuts down on the time you’d otherwise spend creating them yourself leaving you with more time to take care of other aspects of your business.

Remember, everything within InVideo is flexible centered to offer you the best customizations possible. And even with the premade templates you get, you can tweak them to your liking as much as possible to get the results you are looking for.

Some of these premade video materials are such as templates, themes, text boxes, stickers, icons, shapes, overlays, royalty-free audios, stock images and videos to name but a few.

So if you’re looking for speed, results, functionality, and convenience in video creation, InVideo has got you covered.


4. Extras and Advanced Features.

Other than having cool pre-built components and video materials, InVideo has other extras to make you like it even more.

For starters, you can add animations, apply and adjust different filters such as the blur to your images for extra video effect and pop.

You can also layer different video components, tweak, arrange, and lock them as needed making sure every frame has everything you need on it and in perfect style.

Another thing I like with InVideo is the ability to preview and edit videos in like trimming, cropping, looping, and animation before and post you’ve added it into your project.

You’re not confined to using their creatives alone either as you’ve got an option to upload your media files, even ones with up to 800MB, for your video project. So your creativity isn’t stunted with restrictions but encouraged.

Their intelligent frame recommendations feature is another one to like as it organizes your video story quickly and makes video creation go even faster.

Not only that, but you also get two scene types; storyboard and advanced, to help you tweak and style everything less or more as you want.

Lastly, their intuitive UI and editor is worth a mention. I know it can get frustrating using buggy software but be assured you’ll love using InVideo, lest your internet is acting up.


5. Diverse Support.

InVideo has tried its best to make sure everyone feels at home with their diverse support.

If you’re the type who enjoys figuring things out on their own or with a little help. You’ve got built-in video tutorials to help you grasp what different features are and can do with them.

You can also create multi-lingual videos and get support for them if need be. This truly helps everyone from any background feel included and free to create videos as comfortably as possible.

Their knowledge center is both accessible and easy to use, making it obvious helping you is a primary concern for them.

Within their chat feature are also worldwide help numbers should you run into something and need custom help with. But I doubt you will seeing as how everything is direct and super responsive, but just in case it’s an option.

And just for the record, I tried their chat feature, and they responded quickly within 5 minutes. So I believe they are serious about helping us have a smooth time and experience while using their tool.

Granted, I can’t presume to have covered everything this video maker can do in terms of its features. But I believe you can see clearly that it’s one capable video maker.

But how can I use it, is there a video tutorial?


(Courtesy: Jamie Pierson)

How To Use InVideo To Create Easy But Powerful Marketing Videos.



And how much is all this awesomeness going to cost you?

More on that in the next section.

But just a tip, not much. ?


InVideo Pricing Structure.

Currently, InVideo offers two pricing structures; free and business plans.

And like with any free plan of any video maker it comes with a few limitations, removable with plan upgrades. And the same holds true for InVideo.

Even so, admittedly their free plan is great compared to its immediate competitors’ as we shall soon see in the next section.

But some highlights are such as; you get to export your videos in 720p resolution, get all editing features, storage of up to 1GB, NO InVideo watermarks, video length of up to 5 minutes, standard media library, and 1 brand preset to name a few.

Obviously, with their Business plan, you get even more and at an insanely cheap price.

I.e. If you pay on a monthly basis it’ll be $20. But if you opt to pay annually, it’ll be $10 a month which will equate to $120 a year saving you 6 months of payment. Ain’t that cool?

InVideo Review Pricing Structure


In the next section, we’ll look briefly at how InVideo stacks up against its competitors to help you see if it’s worth your time and money.


InVideo Alternatives and Comparison Review.

Where there’s money, competition is also present. And In Video world software and tools are as such plenty that sometimes knowing which one is right for you can be a problem.

InVideo is one such video tool and in this review, we’ll look at two of its immediate competitors; Wave.video and Lumen5. To help you make an informed decision.


InVideo vs Wave.video.

Both tools function similarly the same though their differences are huge and quite the tie-breaker.

If you don’t know what Wave.video is, it’s also another fun web-based video maker that lets you create super engaging social videos fast.

Starting off with video output. With Wave.video if you need a lengthy video, one of up to 10 minutes, it will cost you $399 annually which is miles off the $120 InVideo charges for up to 15 minutes of video length.

With the free plan on both Wave.video and InVideo, you get to export videos of HD quality (720p). The only difference being InVideo doesn’t watermark your videos created on the free plan which is a real deal maker IMO.

Another thing with InVideo’s free plan is that you get to create videos of up to 5 minutes. While with Wave.video you can only create ones with up to 15 seconds.

Everything else from UI intuitiveness to functionality and ease of usage on both tools is A grade.

Both tools also have knowledge centers and chat features should you need them for extra help.

And in terms of capability, while both tools can hold their own, I would say InVideo fairs better between the two. The range of options, customizations, new features, and favorable pricing you get is simply is unrivaled.

You can test drive both of them with no worries and settle for the one that best gives you the functionality you’re looking for.



InVideo vs Lumen5.

Next up is Lumen5.

Lumen5 is A.I powered web-based video creation tool that turns any written text into super engaging and profitable videos fast. Perfect for social posts, stories, and ads.

Lumen5 is clever on how they go about creating your videos. But on a grand scale of things, I could say the same for InVideo.

With Lumen5 you get automated workflows created with A.I’s help from your chosen starting point; link, text, or own images and videos. Whereas with InVideo their intelligent frame recommendations feature does the same thing though not as precise.

Lumen5’s ability to fetch a post accurately is spot on, while this feature is in beta stage in InVideo. Even so, big posts fetched by Lumen5 can make it laggy while InVideo has got an auto-summarize feature that summarizes your blog post while keeping itself responsive.

InVideo Auto-summarize feature

It’s worth mentioning with fetched posts, even after summarizing, the maximum sentences allowed for scenes are currently 50. And for best experience 30. This, however, isn’t the case with Lumen5 where the A.I automatically picks out the best sentences for you with extreme accuracy for best readability.

With the free plan on Lumen5, you can only create 5 videos per month. And they will be branded with Lumen5 watermark. Whilst with InVideo, like we saw, there’s no branding as of now, but they had it before.

The cheapest option with Lumen5 is their Starter package with a price tag of $228 per year. This is almost twice what you pay for with InVideo’s Business plan for even fewer features.

And in terms of built-in and premade video assets, both tools are well equipped, though InVideo comes quite ahead in terms of asset types. GIFs and royalty-free stock images and videos are standard in both, but InVideo adds overlays, stickers, icons, independent animations, filters, layers, and more.

Lastly but not least, in matters editing. InVideo does a better job with two style editing choices; storyboard and advanced for maximum customization. While with Lumen5 you only get a storyboard mode, that’s also somewhat restrictive.

Obviously, these two video tools are super capable and will help you create fun and engaging marketing videos fast. And since they’re both free to get started, you can test them out to see which one suits you and your needs best.



Wrapping Up: InVideo Review | Is It Worth It?

In wrapping up, regardless of how you slice and dice this video marketing subject, at the end of the day, it’s a must-have strategy.

Content mediums change all the time and being willing and able to adapt to different marketing waves is what will keep you going on competitively.

No amount of fighting or ignoring a marketing strategy upgrade will help your bottom line. If anything, you’ll only be giving money away and market share to others risking your own progress.

Simply, embrace change and see how you can best incorporate a marketing strategy in your business. After all, video is a proven conversion monster, and the extra business will help you soar.

And while in the past creating these professional videos was hard and time-consuming. Thanks to InVideo and similar tools, video creation and marketing is now possible for any business and anyone who wants it cost-effectively.

So is InVideo really worth it?

A resounding, Yes!

The business InVideo videos can bring your way, will well be worth it. And seeing as how it’s free to get started, what do you have to lose in trying?


I hope this post was helpful and if so, find it in your heart to share it.

That’s it from me today with InVideo review the amazing marketing videos creator.

And till next time.

Stay blessed! ?

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